Found Footage & Collage Films: Selected Works ( DVD/Blu-ray & book)

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Found Footage Magazine is proud to present Found Footage & Collage Films: Selected Works, edited and introduced by César Ustarroz. For enthusiasts of avant-garde cinema, this deluxe limited edition of sixteen short films provides a vivid account of various creative processes in the recycling of images in experimental moving image art. Found Footage & Collage Films: Selected Works comes complete with a book filled with analysis and insights of the selected films. Written by leading scholars and film critics for the occasion, this publication is an essential reading for understanding the aesthetics and contexts of found footage filmmaking in contemporary moving image culture.


  • Gymnopédies (Lawrence C. Jordan, 1965)
  • Diario Africano/ African Diary (Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi, 1994)
  • Light Is Calling (Bill Morrison, 2003)
  • The Color Of Love (Peggy Ahwesh, 1994)
  • Girl From Moush (Gariné Torossian, 1993)
  • Zillertal (Jürgen Reble, 1997)
  • Tito-Material (Elke Groen, 1998)
  • Cruises (Cécile Fontaine, 1989)
  • Is This What You Were Born For – Part 5: Covert Action (Abigail Child, 1984)
  • Last Lost (Eve Heller, 1996)
  • Under Twilight (Jean-Gabriel Périot, 2006)
  • The Garden Of Delight (Michael Fleming, 2017)
  • Flik Flak (Jeff Keen, 1964-1965)
  • Freude (Thomas Draschan, 2009)
  • National Tapestry (Steven Woloshen, 2015)
  • The Exquisite Corpus (Peter Tscherkassky, 2015)

Book contributors: John Davis  •  Scott MacDonald  • André Habib  •  Catherine Russell  •  Matthew Cole Levine  •   Martin Zeilinger  •  Mike Hoolboom  •  Justin Remes  •  Christa Blümlinger  •  Ela Bittencourt  •  Frances Guerin  •  Clint Enns  •  Chris Kennedy  •  Michael Betancourt  •  Alexandra Grimanis and Michael Nixon  •  Adrian Danks

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