Joni Void + N NAO – Simulateur de Rêve Lucide (Cassette)

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a lucid dream, a reverie, simulateur de rêve lucide marks the next session in a series of collaborative cassettes from montréal-based surrealists jean néant and naomie de lorimier. a place of liminality, where voice, tape samples, and field recordings meet montage and musique concrète to form a psychoactive collage, an abstract puzzle, that unfolds and re-pieces both artists unique sonic universes.

as jean tells it, “our story begins in 2016, when I witnessed n nao (naomie de lorimier) recite a poem through effect pedals during an erotica-themed art event at montréal loft venue la plante. despite it technically not being a “musical” set, it resonated with me deeply on that level and got me instantly curious about her own music and performances. i would shortly discover these had the same lasting effect – whether the sets were solo, duo or with a band, in a church, a packed house show or a barely attended venue. longing for that same mesmerizing experience, i began booking her regularly for my own events and suggesting her for friends’ lineups. throughout the summer of 2020 we held sessions at la lumière and in my home studio that resulted in four albums’ worth of collaborative material.”

with major love for montréal and la plante, the interdependent community arts space where we met jean and jean met naomie, we’re most honored to share simulateur de rêve lucide with the world. we hope that you find a home, an inspiration, and part of yourself within this interwoven work.
released September 8, 2022

performed by jean néant & naomie de lorimier
recorded at jean’s home, september 4th 2020
mastered by amar lal at macro sound
editing / assemblage by jean néant

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