Sarah Pagé vs Joni Void – code versus LP

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Code Versus is a re-imaging of experimental harpist Sarah Pagé‘s solo debut Dose Curves; by electronic producer Joni Void. Six conceptual remixes of the album’s originals & B-sides, these rhythmic re-interpretations represent a 5 year exchange between both artists.

One of the first live performances of Dose Curves material taking place at Montreal’s loft-venue La Plante in January 2016, witnessed by Joni Void, a resident & event organizer there at the time who happened to be the sound-tech that evening; the connection to the album continued with a first JV remix of ‘Stasis’ in 2017 after it’s initial self-release, which lead to the pair to begin collaborating as a duo. First with Sarah featuring on the piece ‘Abusers’ from Joni Void’s Constellation album Mise en Abyme; and later with collaborative live performances as ‘Page Vide’ and a shared co-release tour in Fall 2019, when Dose Curves was released on Backward Music. Code Versus acts as a prelude of sorts for their own duo material, where the sonic explorations & reimagined performance of the Harp with electronics collide with sound-editing narratives & cinematic atmospheres.

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