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KALMO started as a solo electronic, traditional, and classical music project by Mexican producer and guitarist Bernardo Alvarado Rojas. After graduating from music university in Montreal and releasing his debut EP “Life is a Dream” in March of 2018, he felt the need to transform Kalmo into a collaborative instrumental electronic band. Jazz bassist Richard McLeish was then invited to join the project, a musician from Vancouver Island that decided to move to Montreal to immerse himself in the strong jazz tradition that inhabits the East Coast Island. After releasing their single “Shadows and Reflections” in October 2018, classical clarinetist Lucia Sanchez joined the band, a Colombian native that chose Canada to be the place to further flourish as a classical music performer. Lastly indie rock drummer and Montrealer Alexis Duval joined the collaborative project. Together they explore the combination of their particular musical styles with an upbeat approach, but more importantly they seek to bring beauty, excitement and joyful rhythms rooted in tradition to their audience. They believe in the unlimited healing power of music and in its capability to bring people together and make them vibrate under the same roof.

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