17.06.2018 | 20H

la lumière collective
7080-506, rue Alexandra
Montréal [QC]


En présence du cinéaste.


7$ à la porte.

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Dirk de Bruyn will present a historic program spanning his film-making practice from 1985 to the present, The program documents his practice’s transition from analogue to digital publication. De Bruyn’s focus combines his interests in trauma and abstraction and draws links between the two through fractured narratives and the abstract perceptual artifacts of shock. These narratives further plumb the outsider status of migrant experience and the inability to speak that then fashions its own unique and idiosyncratic logic.

Projection 16mm + HD

5mins | 1985 | 16mm

Analog Stress
4mins | 2004 | 16mm

Found Found Found
18mins30 | 2014 | Essay film (on HD)

East Meets West
4mins30 | 2015 | direct on film (on HD)

New Australian
8mins30 | 2016 | found footage (on HD)

8mins | 2016 | direct on film (on HD)

Living in the Past
5mins | 2018 | stereoscopic flicker (on HD)