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20.10.2020 | 20H

la lumière collective
7080-506, rue Alexandra
Montréal [QC]


En présence de Bradford Nordeen (Los Angeles).


7$ à la porte.

Présenté par


Presented by MediaQueer in collaboration with IGSF and Never Apart

~ Run time: 90 minutes

Queercore emerged from a chasm of queens and dykes who related more to the lifestyle and politics of punk than “their” LGBT community, but felt similarly spurned by the latent homophobia in their newly adopted zeitgeist. Through zines, bands and homespun cinema, an ulterior movement emerged. Hardcore Home Movies is a research project that attempts to track down the fluid exchange of erotic representations amongst queer bodies within the relatively brief queercore (or homocore) movement. This investigation emerged as a program of explicit short films and videos made by luminaries from the scene like G.B. Jones and Scott Treleaven, featuring mainstays like Bruce LaBruce and Vaginal Davis, as well as lesser known works by artists like Jill Reiter, Jonesy (of the queercore band Fagbash) and Greta Snider.

Part of the “After [H]Ours” event series funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada though Université de Montréal and Concordia University.


Jonesy, Fiend, Super 8 on HD, 3min., 1992
Greta Snider, Hard-Core Home Movie, 16mm, 5min., 1989
Jill Reiter, The Birthday Party, 16mm on video, 9min., 1993
G.B. Jones, The Troublemakers, super 8 on DV, 20min., 1990
Scott Treleaven, The Salivation Army, super 8 and video, 22min., 2001
Rick Castro, “3. Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate” (from Three Faces of Women: a feminine trilogy), VHS, 25min., 1994
Greta Snider, Our Gay Brothers, 16mm, 9min., 1993

Bradford Nordeen is an independent curator and writer who lives in Los Angeles. The founder of Dirty Looks, a bi-coastal platform for queer film, video and performance, and its site-specific offshoot series Dirty Looks: On Location, Nordeen served as the Platinum Programmer for Outfest Los Angeles, 2013 – 2016 and is presently a Guest Curator at The Broad Museum, for which he organized the series Doll Parts: Cindy Sherman, Oracle, and two seasons of Summer Happenings at The Broad. His writing has been published in Art in America, Afterimage, Lambda Literary, X-TRA, and BUTT Magazine. Nordeen is the author and co-editor of five Dirty Looks publications: Dirty Looks at MoMA, Check Your Vernacular and the Dirty Looks Volumes series, the essay collection Fever Pitch, as well as the forthcoming survey, Analog Tendencies. His exhibitions include Things: a queer legacy of graphic art and play (Participant Inc, New York; ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles), Dirty Looks NYC (Ateliê397, São Paulo) and Check Your Vernacular (Rhode Island School of Design, Providence).