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28.06.2019 | 20H

la lumière collective
7080-506, rue Alexandra
Montréal [QC]


En présence des cinéastes.


7$ à la porte.

Présenté par

la lumière collective


“The collaborative videos of Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert Mooney explore the relationship between cinematic artifice and ordinary affects. They capture and explode those potent feelings that surge up on the verge of sleep, when you are on the edge of your seat, when your seat is swept out from beneath you along with the rug beneath your feet. The work embraces collaboration, not merely between the two artists, but with their performers, collaborators, and students. In this way these works inhabit the contact zones between individuals and individual worlds, they become exercises in empathy.

Based in Chicago, Kera & Andrew’s collaborative work began with a shared interest in the grammar of cinema, and grew to include an interest in liveness, which has been expressed and explored through various installations, videos, live broadcast performances, and the founding of ACRE TV, an artist-made live streaming tele-vision network.” – Ben Balcom

West | 2014 | 16mm to DV | 1:00 min
A test pattern for the launch of ACRE TV: Please stand by for distant viewing.
Local Ads From Faraway Places | 2014 | HD video | 5:00 min
A woman suspects that someone has clandestinely been filming her life and that her friends and acquaintances are seeing the movies in secret screenings.” Starring Meg Ryan and John Mooney. A movie based off of a description from a unseen (by the filmmakers) film, Paul Bartel’s SECRET CINEMA. Local Ads from Farway Places is about the unsettlingly intimate relationship we can have with media of many sizes.
Peripetei’em | 2009 |16mm to DV | 2:18 min
Peripeteia is a Aristotelian literary term, referring to the moment in a tragedy when a character changes through reversal or recognition. Peripetei’em is an imperative!
MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO | 2013 | livestream (HD video) | 12:55 min
Borrowing trademarks from livecam porn (the “intimate” closeup), and structuralist film (the long shot track-in), MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO is the artifact from an inter-special live broadcast on and, on the evening of December 12, 2013. Eminently seductive and dangerous performers Danny Giles (as MUCK MUCK), and Monica Panzarino (singing Christmas songs with the aid of “The Nipulator”, her custom-built, wireless electronic bra) send a camera crew back and forth through a dusty attic, and into another dimension.
Abductive Object #4 | 2013 | HD video | 2:45 min
Abduction: a form of logical inference that goes from observation to a hypothesis that accounts for the reliable data (observation) and seeks to explain relevant evidence. The American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce first introduced the term as “guessing.” (Wikipedia)
In a Perfect Fever | 2015 | HD video | 8:20 min
In a Perfect Fever riffs on a ubiquitous trick in film and television history, where the switching of a “practical” light — a light source within the frame — serves as a moment of conspiracy between filmmakers, characters, and audience, allowing drastic, even impossible changes to the scene while still functioning as a believable, diegetic moment. Unfurling like a dream, the video expands to consider recent psychological studies investigating empathy that find increased stress levels and shorter life spans for the individuals doing the caring. How do we name the value of this costly connection?
Notes for a Vivisection | 2016 | livestream (HD video) | 9:50 min
A live broadcast on ACRE TV, in front of a studio audience as part of Prospect.3: Notes for Now (P.3), January 10, 2015, at the Hammond Regional Arts Center. Notes for a Vivisection is a live-edit magic show, narrated by a diverse excerpts of texts about the powers of cinema, television and other forms of levitation.
School Section Lake | 2013 |16mm to DV | 1:48 min
A portrait with George and Anita, near Kalamazoo.
Stones for Thunder | 2018 | HD video & 16mm to DV | 16:20 min
3, 2, 1 . . . a TV director counts down, paltry images become actors, and bodies find sync.TRT: 55 minutes. Digital program.