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20h | portes 19h

la lumière collective
7080-506, rue Alexandra
Montréal [QC]


En présence des cinéastes


7$ à la porte

Présenté par


– Michel Meunier & Véronique Janosy (collaboration sonore)

– Projection du court-métrage expérimental d’Albérick Ghosts Of The Malt

– evoked response & Dominic F. Marceau / DFM :: F Squared Media
(collaboration audiovisuelle)


··· Véronique Janosy ··· (audio)
Addicted to diabolic sounds and noises, unnerving tones, and sinister effects, Véronique (BLD, Darkwinds, Le KLKTF, Big Mother) proposes a sometimes sombre and other times disquieting sonic tapestry born from a collision of brass and electronics.

··· Michel Meunier ··· (audio)
Michel has been working at L’Obliquefor more than 25 years, and has also played in many bands such as Whilst & Panopticon Eyelids. His first collaboration with Véronique took place in may 2018, part of our last Soirée D’expérimentations.

··· evoked response ··· (audio)
Each performer creates his own musical universe while sharing the same common space, the whole giving a totally random result, sometimes perfectly complementary, sometimes totally dissonant, thus allowing each individual universe to converge into one piece. The soundscape created is unique at each perfomance.

··· Dominic F. Marceau ··· (video)
Video Artist, MS Warrior, Medical Cannabist, Devoted Cat Dad, & B-Movie Freak. Also, loves ice cream.

··· Ghosts Of The Malt···
Experimental short, Super 8, Black & White, 2016, digital transfer 2017.
Soundtrack by Oren Ben Yosef +


“Ghost Of The Malt is an experimental short film about my favorite building in Montreal. It was shot on Kodak Super 8 Tri-X film. The film is presented as shot. No cuts. No splices.”

Albérick is a Franco-Canadian sound and visual artist based in Montreal, Quebec. His main interests are experimental music and experimental cinema, film photography, Stanley Kubrick and cats. Albérick also hosts the radio show Symbioseevery week on CISM 89,3 FM.