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06.05.2017 | 20H

la lumière collective
7080-506, rue Alexandra
Montréal [QC]


En présence des artistes.


7$ à la porte.

Présenté par


TÉLÉPRESENCE is a coming together of those who are fascinated by the visual possibilities of analog machines. During the day we will convene and share our techniques, gear, and work within the realm of analog video glitch art. At night video artists will be paired with experimental-electronic musicians to present an unification of expanded cinema and avant-garde music.
PERFORMERS /// 8PM to Approx. 11PM
Cover: $7
■■■ JONAS BERS (Hudson Valley, NY) ■■■
Using modified video mixers, a handmade modular system, and a homebuilt clone of the legendary Rutt/Etra video synthesizer, Jonas Bers’ work uncovers the intuitive and inextricable link between analog video and sound.
Justine Durand is a local modular video synthesis explorer whose CV-in will be linked to sound designer Eduardo Noya, known for his work scoring the films of Xavier Dolan.
■■■ PHIL BALJEU (Toronto) ■■■
Phil Baljeu uses the video signals from his home-made circuits to soundtrack the revolving vectorscopes. Baljeu’s creations are a natural progression from the works of Jordan Belson and John Whitney.
■■■ NIHIL MINUS & COLBY RICHARDSON (New Orleans / Winnipeg) ■■■
Two prolific and prominent figures in the video circuits rennaissance are collaborating for the first time at La Lumiere. After blowing away last year’s Akousma, Richardson’s video feedback explorations are the perfect companion to Nihil’s cold-ambient synth rhythms.
■■■ WIZARD OF & KIT YOUNG (Toronto / San Francisco) ■■■
Wizard Of is back in Montreal with his ???BPM brand of experimental grime. He will be accompanied by Kit Young, a Bay Area video artist known for his high-resolution video feedback upon video feedback upon video feedback. Infinite mirrors are not the end, but just the beginning.
//DJ’ing & VJ’ing ALL NIGHT\\
■■■ MIKE MAZZOTTA (New York) ■■■
Founder of The Basement Labs VHS label as well as the lower-fi music project Videopunks, Mazzotta will be distorting and ripping up circuit bent video units all night to psychedelic between-sets grooves. Video for the people, by the people.
12pm to 5pm
During the day video artists and toolmakers will be setting up their gear and talking shop at La Lumiere. Come by for a casual environment of videoheads discussing their machines and preferred glitch methdologies. If you just want to do the rounds and take a peek at what people are up to, that’s fine too! If you wish to set up a table to your gear and work, please message us in advance to try to fit you in (literally, in terms of table space.)
– Christopher Konopka (Boston, MA) –
– Ganesh Baron Aloir (Montreal, QC) –
– Francois Létourneau (Montreal, QC)
– Justine Durand (Montreal, QC) –
– Jonas Bers (Hudson Valley, NY) –
– Nihil Minus (New Orleans, LA)-
– Phil Baljeau (Toronto, ON) –
– Colby Richardson (Winnipeg, MN) –
– Mike Mazzotta (New York, NY) –
– Kit Young (San Francisco, CA) –
– Rob Feulner (Montreal, QC) –